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The Viking-C and Viking-T are portable, compact, and robust tabletop solutions for fast QC and off-line 3D measurements.  

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SolarScan AOP

The SolarScan non-contact surface profilometer is a highly accurate and fast 3D laser measurement tool. 

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SolarScan AOP


The SolarSurf optical 3D confocal microscope is combined with a CCD camera to provide user-friendly 3D measurement solutions.

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The SolarView measurement system is a combination of vision and laser technology to perform 3D and 2D surface measurements.

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Automated Solutions

Our affordable automated solutions are customer specific and developed based on application and process requirements.

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Products » Viking-T

The non-contact profilometer Viking-T for affordable laser measuring

vikingC 2016 web-1Viking-T

Solarius Development introduces a new low-cost non-contact laser profilometer, Viking-T. The tool is designed to meet mid range accuracy needs using state of the art sensor technology to generate 3 dimensional surface maps. In designing the Viking-T, Solarius has maintained the precision and workmanship found in its high accuracy LaserScan profilometer. Incorporating many of the same design methodology has guaranteed system integrity.

Viking-T is a desktop general laser measuring tool consisting of an X/Y 100mm moving axis platform mounted below a laser sensor to provide fast non-contact profiling of a vast variety of engineering surfaces and electronic components.

The productivity benefits of the Viking-T laser profilometer lay in its easy to learn data acquisition procedures. New operators spend less time learning to use the system and more time measuring components. Once a measuring sequence is performed and saved, the same measuring sequence and analysis can be re-called at any point in the future.

The Viking-T non-contact profilometer is designed for off-line QC applications. The small footprint in combination with a robust design makes it ideal for both production floor and QC lab environments.

Standard components
  • Triangulation Laser Sensor
  • XY computer controlled stages
  • MS Windows® 7

  • Camera: Allows for simultaneous viewing of the surface that is been measured.
  • 3D Analysis Software: This option allows you to extend the analysis capability with full 3D functionality.

Applications include

For more information on the Viking non-contact profilometer, please download our data sheet.pdf-icon

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